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The Cubus Alerts solution lets your members set-up custom alerts such as transaction status, account balance thresholds, loan payment reminders and much more. In addition, it provides another vehicle for marketing to your members.

Members customize alert preferences such as when account balances go above or below a certain level, how many times a day to receive alerts, specific email addresses and more. The alerts also provide an additional opportunity for a credit union to market to its members.

Members Win:

Stay “on top” of accounts and payments
Faster issue resolution
Peace of mind – knowing alerts are set

Credit Unions Win:

Fewer issues with accounts
Cross-sell other products & services

“The Cubus notification suite was seamlessly integrated into our Fiserv DNA core system, and once set, it literally ran itself, and paid back quickly in terms of hard costs and goodwill with our members.”
Terri Bentley, Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer, Redstone Federal Credit Union

“Low balance, negative balance, transfer due to overdraft, regulation D and all the other things we needed to do with paper we were able to accomplish with the Cubus Alerts,”

Dan Bowling, Chief Information Officer with TTCU.