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Offer. Accept. Book.

Pre-approve your members for loans and credit cards based on specific criteria, and get the offer in their hands using electronic marketing notifications. They accept the offer and then the information automatically writes back to your loan origination system, making it a seamless process.

Make loan and credit card offers to your members through email, splash screens or banner campaigns. Just select a product (credit card, auto loan or personal loan), create a target and pre-qualify the member through Experian. Determine your marketing method and set up the interface to your loan origination system. It’s simple and it works.

Members Win:

  • Pre-qualified for minimum paperwork
  • Quick funding

Credit Unions Win:

  • Simple to make the offer
  • Reduce the delay to saying yes
  • Book loans instantly

“We get offers in qualified members’ hand so they can quickly accept and we can get the loan booked. No applications or paperwork are needed eliminating a lot of the friction. We’ve been able to easily and confidently expand our credit card portfolio and other traditional loans.”

Loan Executive, Alabama’s largest credit union