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Pay Loans

Cubus Pay is an online loan payment software that lets your members set up a payment themselves online, outside of your online banking, which adds convenience for all members, especially those with indirect loans.

Your credit union staff can quickly add the member’s credit card to their account for a one-time or recurring loan payment. What used to be a cumbersome experience for members, lending partners and credit union staff is now easy, efficient and instant.

Cubus Pay Bonus Features:

  • Immediate approval of the credit card through
  • Funds instantly transfer to the merchant account upon approval
  • No waiting three days for ACH
  • PayPal account support

Cubus Pay is offered as a standalone product or can be added to Cubus One online banking. To learn more about Cubus One, please visit our Digital Banking page.

“With Cubus Pay, we can offer fast and easy payment processing with immediate credit to the loan.  Members love it because they can easily pay from our website or within online banking with a credit or debit card, PayPal or from another financial institution. It’s a great way to keep members happy and loans current!”

Jef Fialkowski, Senior VP of Information Technology, TrueSky Credit Union